Circadian Lighting and Sunpipe LuxLoop

In this CPD, Monodraught explores Circadian Lighting which is the concept behind Sunpipe LuxLoop.

Sunpipe LuxLoop combines the Sunpipe Natural Daylight system with an incredibly efficient and intelligent LED solution. Monodraught presents this new solution using virtual reality. Users will be able to use virtual reality glasses and see for themselves how both commercial and residential buildings might look once Sunpipe LuxLoop systems have been installed, Installation videos and Day to Night Animations.

Hybrid lighting, sustainability and wellbeing

Monodraught recently published a new CPD module in the CIBSE Lighting Supplement (December 2015).

The module focuses on hybrid lighting, sustainability and wellbeing. It explores the evolution of lighting systems and the impact of hybrid systems on the built environment and energy costs in multiple sectors from healthcare through to education.

Hybrid lighting systems enable the use of available natural daylight, supplementing it with artificial light to meet the required level of room illumination. As well as the financial prerogative to use more effective lighting, there is a growing responsibility to design sustainable lit environments. The CPD considers the evolution of lighting systems and how hybrid lighting can create opportunities to meet the natural requirements of humans, improving productivity and effectiveness of the built environment while reducing energy costs.