Pioneering Sunpipe systems re-vamped with stylish new diffusers

A new range of diffusers for the SUNPIPE 300 mm,  450 mm and 530 mm systems is available 

We continue to offer a high quality product both in terms of aesthetics and installation. The diffuser has been completely re-designed and re-engineered to ensure a tighter fit with a quicker and more secure installation process.  The intuitive fit and modern finishes means even less maintenance will be required.


There are four stylish new options to choose from:

  • Orion: The classic Sunpipe design, double glazed to provide an excellent balance between thermal insulation and light transmission.
  • Contemporary: A contemporary option for the Orion with a flat, recessed diffuser.
  • Elite: Modern design with a crisp frosted finish.
  • Glass: Our premium offering, a single pane of 4mm Sand blasted diffused safety glass.

Customers may also select a white satin bezel or brushed stainless steel metal bezel.

 All diffusers are able to be retrofitted to existing SUNPIPE installations and a new backing template will be provided in all new orders.

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What are the benefits?

  • The new diffuser range brings a number of options so you can choose a finish that will meet your project requirements.
  • An improved, more intuitive fit and finish means less maintenance is required and that Monodraught continues to offer a high quality product both in terms of aesthetics and installation. 

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Stays true to the classic SUNPIPE design, with a double glazed microprism
diffuser and satin white trim.



A modern take on the SUNPIPE diffuser, with a flat, recessed microprism material. Double glazed to maintain thermal performance.


elite white satin bezel

A softer frost-effect diffuser offers a more subtle design. As with the Contemporary offering, the diffuser is flat bottomed and double glazed.



Our Orion diffuser with our premium brushed stainless steel bezel option for an outstanding aesthetic.


contemporary brushed stainless steel

Our Contemporary diffuser with our premium brushed stainless steel bezel option.

Elite Brushed Stainless Steel Bezel

Our Elite diffuser with our premium brushed stainless steel bezel option.

Glass Brushed Stainless Steel Bezel

Our premium offering – our stainless steel bezel coupled with 4 mm Frosted Safety Glass for the ultimate SUNPIPE diffuser finish. Available for the 300 mm SUNPIPE system.


Sunpipe LuxLoop (LED) is not just an activity optimised LED but also a biologically efficient solution that contributes to maintain your circadian rhythm (body clock). Click here to find out more.

All diffusers are available for retro fitting to existing SUNPIPE systems - 300 mm, 450 mm, 530 mm.